19  ADMIN: Problems with missing messages in digests


Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 02:46:01 -0400
From: Shahrukh Merchant <merchant@ALUM.MIT.EDU>
Subject: ADMIN: Problems with missing messages in digests

Several list members have written over the past 2 weeks or so to say
that there has been a problem with the digests in that only the first
message is visible even though the index at the top indicates that there
are several.

This should now be fixed -- sort of -- but you may see a slightly
different digest format. Please read on if you receive your Tango-A/L
mail in digest form.

Here are some details of the problem:

1. Not all Tango-A and Tango-L subscribers seem to have the problem.
(Also, it seems to be affecting only lists hosted at the mitvma.mit.edu
site, and it started only a few weeks ago.)

2. It only affects digests that appear in multipart MIME format, not in
the regular or plaintext format. Actually the full digest IS there (you
can see it with a View>Source or equivalent on your mail reader) but
many different mail readers don't display it.

3. After some questioning, the list administrators, the mitvma
administrators and even a discussion list full of other listserv
administrators have been unable to identify the problem.

In the meantime, since this only affects MIME digests, I have "solved"
this problem for practical purposes by setting all subscribers' options
to NOMIME. As a result, you may see a change in the format of the digest
if you had MIME before, but it should make no practical difference.

If anyone still sees digests being truncated on Tango-A or Tango-L from
tomorrow onwards, please send e-mail to Tango-L@mitvma.mit.edu.

Shahrukh Merchant
Tango-A/L co-administrator

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