23  Argentinean economy


Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 13:17:52 -0700
Subject: Argentinean economy

Alberto wrote:

"Of course, there are problems. Strikes, a judgment of the former president
Mr. Menem, involved in a illegal traffick of weapons to Ecuador & Croacia,etc.etc.."

What is happening with Aerolineas Argentinas? Are they going broke?
What is the involvement of Iberia? Should tangueros/as planning to come
to visit BA stick to other carriers to avoid being grounded by the Aerolineas

"But to reduce the economy of a country like Argentina, to 25 to 30 milongas
opened during the week as the final light into the darkness , is a bit naive."

Yes, it is, it just wanted to be an "additional" reason to go, not the main one.

"The average payment of interest of the external indebtness is around u$s ( a billion of us dollars )

Maybe is time to talk seriously, and to separate economic situation from
Tango at Buenos Aires."

I would be very interested in such a discussion, but can we do it on the tango list
or there is another venue?


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