18  DJ Selections


Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 23:54:04 -0700
From: Michael Ditkoff <tangomaniac@JUNO.COM>
Subject: DJ Selections

The main issue of a lot of postings is really about musical preferences.
Some like D'Arienzo, some don't. It's not really an issue of right vs
wrong but one of like vs. dislike. Some go to an art gallery to see
Monet, some don't like Monet. I'd be amazed if the ones who don't like
Monet complain to the curator.

It seems that I've been reading musical reviews. IMHO, most dancers don't
know the names of the tangos NOR the artists performing. The complaints
remind me of a radio program I used to listen to when I lived in New
York: First Hearing on WQXR. Three music critics would comment on the
classical music recording they were hearing for the first time. They knew
the music, e.g. Brahms violin concerto, but not the particular recording.
They might be able to guess the orchestra and the conductor. One would
say "the conductor lead to fast." Another would say "the conductor was
too slow." It also reminds me of my other hobby - trains. (Trains used to
be my #1 hobby until tango came along and gave trains a gancho in the
caboose.) Some fanatics would get into arguments about diesel engines.
"That's a picture of a GP7 that has 1500 horsepower." "NO! That's a
picture of a GP9 that has 2000 horsepower." Such minutiae!!

For myself, I don't critique the musical selections. My only issue is CAN

My ONLY complaint with DJs are the ones who start playing a selection,
and after 10 seconds, realize it's not what they wanted. They stop the
music, (to groans), to find the selection they want. They push the play
button AND IT'S STILL THE WRONG MUSIC. The music stops and they search

To me it's like dancing. If a couple make a mistake, recover from it and
KEEP GOING! Don't stop on the floor to figure it out. I wish DJs would do
the same. If it's the wrong music (by what you intended), DON'T STOP to
find something else. The dancers won't have a clue it's the "wrong" music
unless you signal it's the "wrong" music by trying to find the correct

I'll find out in the morning what firestorm I've started.

Michael Ditkoff
Washington, DC

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