6268  A Fake Amague !!


Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2009 16:43:08 +1300 (New Zealand Daylight Time)
From: "Melroy" <melroyr@xtra.co.nz>
Subject: [Tango-L] A Fake Amague !!
To: <tango-l@mit.edu>

My understanding of amague (fake):
It is when the man takes a step to one side of the woman, but quickly
retracts to go to the other side (or elswhere).

So this is a fake step. Not a rock step etc., where both are 'rockin''.

This explanation is from the teacher Pablo Pugliese, who says it comes from
soccer (popular in Argentina?) where the player tricks the opponent with a
fake' step only to dart elswhere.

Thanks, Mel. NZ.

And thanks to Sergio for the link to the great spaghetti monster.

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