25  he's going to tie the knot


Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 17:23:08 EDT
From: Timothy Pogros <TimmyTango@AOL.COM>
Subject: he's going to tie the knot

I would like to announce the engagement of Marriage, to my very good friend,
and favorite tango maestro,
Daniel Lapadula,
Kimberly is the lovely lady Daniel will marry, and I hope I will meet her
very soon.

The lovely couple met in Italy, during Daniel's tango workshop. Kimberly also
lives in Miami Beach and went to Italy for the workshop. The couple purchased
a ring in Venice to make it official.

To my very best friend who I. Have so much respect for as a friend and as a
tango Maestro, All the very best of luck and happiness to the two of you. I
hope the everything in life brings you much joy and happiness. Please bring
Kimberly with you when you come to Cleveland in September.
Tim Pogros (TimmyTango)

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