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Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2008 01:40:38 +0200
From: "Nikos Dalamagkas" <nikdal@gmail.com>
Subject: [Tango-L] Ideas for a Thematic Milonga
To: <tango-l@mit.edu>

Hello all,

We are a non-profit association for Tango, in a Greek Island and we have a
milonga every friday.
The people that dance tango in a small town like us, are not so many.

So we thought that one way of increase people's interest for our milonga
(not only the tangueros), to have once a month a thematic milonga.
Now we are thinking of ideas for thematic milongas

Do you have any idea or have you ever been to one?
please tell us your ideas.

until now we have these ideas for different thematic milongas:

1. Dressing code.
In this milonga we can have a dress code. for example, men should wear black
clothes and women red.

2. The "composer"/"era" milonga.
In this milonga we can have a tibute to one or two composer (or an era).
Most of the music played will from them, and maybe a poster of them will be
at the wall, and a printed related text will be given to them, and maybe a
lottery with his cd's. And mybe more things on this topic

Please tell us what do you think about these 2, if you have to add
something. And possible new ideas.

Keep Tangoing


Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 09:56:55 EST
From: MACFroggy@aol.com
Subject: Re: [Tango-L] Ideas for a Thematic Milonga
To: nikdal@gmail.com, tango-l@mit.edu

There's a new milonga here in Buenos Aires in the barrio of Boedo (San Juan
3330), called Sueno Porteno on Wednesdays.

The organizer, Julia "Pugliese", makes games and themes every week: polka
dots, colors, ladies give the men they would like to dance with a candy, etc.

It's a very fun feminine idea that, however, a lot of men don't go for.

My personal opinion is that it can be fun once in a while for holidays or
just because, but once a month is maybe too much. But Sueno Porteno is a big
success, so what do I know?

Good luck with yours!



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