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Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2008 05:14:03 GMT
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Subject: [Tango-L] Milongas en Buenos Aires
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Charles wrote -----> Last time I was [in Buenos Aires] (eight months
ago) I noticed that crowds and styles varied from night to night, even
at the same location, according to who was the DJ/sponsor.

Excellent point.

The same location often hosts several different milongas, each with a
different set of organizers and DJs. Each milonga draws different
crowds, who also differ according to whether the milonga is held on
weekdays or weekends.

An example of a location is Salon Canning. It is in the SOHO area of
Palermo, which is two-three miles west and north of the downtown area
of the city of Buenos Aires, a 10-mile wide roughly octagonal part of
the BsAs megaplex. SOHO is an arty mini-barrio with lots of
restaurants and small shops. Canning is also within one to two blocks
of two other milonga locations (Club Villa Malcolm, Asociacion Armenia)
and eight blocks from Club Fulgor.

Canning has a long history and was recently renovated. It is large,
has a high ceiling (good for dissipating cigarette smoke), a beautiful
floor, a big bar and snack area that (I believe) can deliver a full
meal, and beautiful photos on the wall, one a very large mural.

Here are some pictures and a video that showcases Canning.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/dedonna/295837774/ - shot including mural
http://www.flickr.com/photos/dedonna/295837536/ - shot of bar


Canning hosts two milongas: A Puro Tango (three nights a week) and
Parakultural (four). Even though the last has the same organizers, the
milongas are not identical. Parakultural Mina, for instance, often has
live bands such as Color Tango

Larry de Los Angeles

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