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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 00:09:12 -0500
From: Michael Figart II <michaelfigart@YAHOO.COM>
Subject: v

Hello List, and Sergio, and Oleh, etc, etc,

I found it hard to believe that Oleh had only danced with only one "v"
tanguera, and as I said, it is very common here in Houston. I can "sort
of" turn it into a good close embrace dance. I dance "salon" (as I call
it) with quite a few followers, and can have a great time (but I try to
keep it close embrace salon, with no opening up). BUT....THIS IS NOT

Sergio, talking about misunderstandings that could be avoided; if you
can't tell your partner with your body which way you are going, you may
as well give it up, and take up salsa. And if you ever take a back step
to get started <<<<<By saying -" Look I start dancing with a back step
but many dancers will start with a side step">>>>>, you may as well just
give up all dance! To hopefully make this perfectly clear, anybody who
teaches a back step against the line of dance is no teacher; only a
detriment to Argentine Tango. Back steps are cool, but only after a
turn, when leader's back-step is "with" the line of dance.

Yes, I do tell followers that there are different types of embraces, and
if they don't like mine, there are lots of teachers who teach more
"open-embrace tango". But you know what....it's kinda strange, they all
end up infatuated with wanting to learn more about "Tango Milonguero"!

And Sergio, no I don't feel offended, but I do recognize that you are
completely and totally mistaken in your opinion that <<<<<< The tango
embrace in Salon style, as taught and danced by most milongueros all
over the world requires that the man places his right nipple on the
chest bone of the woman. This embrace has a "closed"side (the right side
of the man and the left one of the woman) and an "open" side (the left
side of the man and the right one of the woman). It is asymmetrical, the
position of the bodies with respect to each other is like a V. This
embrace is very elegant and very conducive to leading any type of tango
moves both in open or in close embrace.>>>>>>>

I'm really sorry, Sergio, but you have no idea of what is involved in
Tango Milonguero, or even salon tango, as evidenced by your own
observations. This supposed embrace you talk about is not "elegant", is
uncomfortable, and is MOST DEFINITELY NOT DANCED by "most milongueros"
all over the world. In this case, Sergio, as in many others, your own
rhetoric reinforces your own ignorance!

You talk about placing the head in correct position, Sergio! But sorry,
once again you've not a clue....whether in salon or milonguero, the
follower's head should be upright, and to the right of the leader's
head, so that he can see to his left, and forward.

You seem to strive for some sort of acceptance of your strange ideas,
Sergio; and I'm very willing to listen to anything you have to

But Sergio V-----you're going to have to offer much better!


Michael from Houston

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