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Subject: NA-W The Tango Camerata - Denver


Once again, as it happens every third weekend of each month at the Mercury Cafe,

The Tango Camerata will delight the audience and dancers with

"the music which becomes alive in your heart."

Friday and Saturday February 16th and 17th

Mercury Café, 2199 California St. in Denver.

This weekend The Tango Camerata - Denver, under the direction of Daniel Diaz
will include:

Lia Davis on piano
John Cole on double bass
Django Moura on African drum
Ryan Drickie on violin - NEW TO THE CAMERATA!
and Daniel Diaz on bandoneon

The Tango Camerata will perform Friday and Saturday night starting at
10:00. This ensemble has performed before at the Merc to the delight
of dancers and the audience, and you would not want to miss it.

Come and join us for two romantic tango evenings!

******* SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! - MARCH 16, 17 AND 18 ************

Get ready for more excitement yet, by planning to come on the third
weekend in March, the 16, 17 and 18. SPECIAL INVITATION TO THOSE FROM
OTHER CITIES IN SURROUNDING STATES, WEST, USA. Many airlines offer very low tickets on weekends and some have very good specials.

The Tango Camerata will have two special guest artists from New York:

Pablo Aslan (double bass) and Mauricio Najt (Piano)

Pablo will be teaching his Musicality Workshop for dancers on Sunday 3/18 - (Register
Now! with Tom Stermitz - Limited capacity 303-388-2560) Pablo will also teach double bass musicians and Mauricio Najt will be teaching classes for pianists.

The Web announcements for February and March can be found at:


We request your support to these great events. This is possible only by the joint and
collaborative efforts of the Tango Colorado organization and its members, the owner
of the Mercury Cafe, Marilyn Megenity, and The Rio Plata Institute/The Tango Camerata.

Thank you for taking the time to review this announcement... See you at the Merc!

Daniel Diaz

You can have your own camerata right in your city. Presently The Tango Camerata has been organized with local musicians in San Francisco, Kansas City, Atlanta, Washington DC, and Salt Lake City. Other cities are under preparation. More information can be found at: http://www.intellinks.com/rioplata/milonga.htm

Call Daniel Diaz at 801-420-3179 or e-mail mailto:dan@intellinks.com

Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 21:05:30 -0400
From: David <dsaj@MINDSPRING.COM>
Subject: DENVER

I wish to express my joyful appreciation to Tom Stermitz, Tango Colorado and all the Denver tangueros/as who made the weekend so enjoyable and =
enchanting. This is my third time to Denver, two Memorial and one Labor Day. This was, by far, my most enjoyable dance experience there and =
probably anywhere. Although I do have to say that Buenos Aires is still the best.

Thank you Robert, Dan and Tom for mesmerizing and energizing DJing. Robert, Sunday in Cheeseman Park was incredible. I don't believe anyone =
wanted to leave the park. The music, the full moon, the tangueras. YES!! Thank you all.

I did come to fully realize how truly an "intimate" experience tango can be. Tis an intimate experience that is uncomplicated by dating, sex or =
any other of our normal ways of being intimate. Two people open their hearts and energies to each other freely for each two and one half to =
three minute tango. When its over you can depart from one another with an peace and astonishment that two people can share such indept =
intimacies and feelings without expecting anything else in return. You can experience what true relating is and can be. To me it is =
experiencing the mystical, the spiritual, the GODness in all of us. I was discussing how the tango experience can be with an acquaintance that =
was not a tango dancer. I stated how you can have many incredibly sweet experiences and every so often a mind blowing one. She looked at me and =
said, "It changes your life, dosen't it". I had not thought about tango in quite that way before. Tango does change your life if you embrace it =
with an open heart. Althought many tango lyrics are about the pains in life, I and others I have conversed with, know you can experience the =
sweetness of life through tango. And that experience can be carried forward to all parts of your life. I know that I am a more open, =
intimate, less inhibited person in part because of my discovery and embrace of tango.

So a special thanks to Rosalia, Elaine, Carne, Melody, Jill, Alejandra, Robin, Jeannie, Carole, Janis and others for sharing so freely your =
hearts and souls with me in the dance of tango; for making my weekend so special. A little part of your energies will always be with me and make =
me smile when I feel you.

A special thanks to Susana Miller whom I owe so much of my love and feel of tango.

Hooked and tango,
Many blessings,
Happy hearts and feet,


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