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751  Washington DC (20)
I'd like to know what classes and Milongas are available in Washington DC during September and October? Thank you, Olga Dear tangueros from Washington DC, A tango friend of...

752  getting men in tango (1)
Maybe someone could get a couple of big-name athletes to take up tango -- It's great for balance, after all. That would go a long way to change tango's image to acceptably macho.... But do we really...

753  sexual origin of Afro/Latin dances (1)
Nicole also wrote: "ALL Afro/Latin dances (and Tango is an Afro/latin dance) create a sexual energy...and if you've never felt this, you've never felt the "truth" of these dances and where and from

754  NA-E: Ar. Tango Society of Philadelphia, "Everyone Dances" (2)
The newly formed "Argentine Tango Society of Philadelphia" announces the Friday Night "Everyone Dances" Milonga. Everyone is welcome to come to this wonderful, warm and inviting milonga. The space...

755  Organizing Practicas (2)
I want to pick the brains of the more experienced tango class organizers out there regarding how to structure a practica. Anyone care to put in their two cent's worth? Rich

756  The Partner Search Is ON!!! Check It Ou (1)
Hello dear list members, We have great news and most important "IT'S FREE"!!! THE PARTNER SEARCH ADDITION TO CARLOS AND SIMONE's WEBSITE IS UP AND OPERATIONAL!!! Now you can find that person you have...

757  "Tao of Tango" (1)
Nicole, I tried writing you about this privately, but my message was bounced back. So I'm sending it again through the list because I think some other people might be curious about this. What specifically...

758  searching for photos of Kely & Facundo (1)
Hi folks, I'm in need of one or two nice pictures of Kely & Facundo for my next flyer, and there is nothing of use in the web. Has anybody got K&F in action? Swing, Milonga, Tango... If you have...

759  Tango in Finland and Estonia (4)
I'm making my first trip to Helsinki, Finland and Tallin, Estonia and would like to know what classes and milongas are available during the month of October. Anyone have suggestions? Many thanks, Jan

760  A Planning Thought For Growth (1)
Good day, everyone; Just wondering if this topic wouldn't be of some small interest to organizers (including those of you in warm climes who don't have season changes) ... It follows from the good feelings...

761  Milongas with melody (6)
A few months ago (I cannot remember exactly where or when), a milonga by Carlos Di Sarli came on. Perhaps it was Zorzal, one of my favorites with Roberto Rufino singing. I jumped clear out of my chair,...

762  Milongas in Memphis? (1)
TgtMTkg YW5kIHdvdWxkIGFwcHJlY2lhdGUgaWYgc29tZW9uZSANCmNvdWxkIHNlbmQgbWUgY
SBsaXN0 IG9mIG1pbG9uZ2FzIHRoZXJlLiBJIGhhdmVuJ3QgZm91bmQgYW55dGhpbmcgb24gd

763  Gardel's dancing (2)
Hi List, Can anyone tell me why Gardel seemed only to dance the most basic tango steps, at least in the films where he's shown dancing? Did he know how to dance better than that but chose not to? Consuelo

764  check out "Tango Time" in Phila. (1)
Check out "Tango Time" Very interesting article in local Phila. News paper about Tango. Cut and paste link below for some great news. "Great spirits...

765  Contact details for Chicho & Lucia (9)
Hello everyone I've been looking for a contact email for Chicho Frumboli and Lucia Mazer. I have one that they haven't responded to, so if anyone has up to = date info could they email me please? muchos...

766  Tango Partner in Buenos Aires (1)
Hi Tango Friends, My name is Julio Corazza from Buenos Aires, Argentina. You have probably received the mail that my associate Karen Corriea from Portland, Oregon distributed a few days ago. (We include...

767  advise on organizing a milonga (5)
In addition to Joanne's comments, I'd add that it's important for organizers to have a good time themselves, otherwise what's the point of doing all of that work? Having hosted milongas that turned...

768  Article on Tango in The New York Times today 9/27/02 (1)
In the New York Times today on Page D4 there is an article on tango titled "There Will Never be a Last Tango written by Laura Shin. The URL for the article is:

769  New Dance Partner Search Program (5)
Hello dear list members, We have received a very positive response regarding the Dance Partner Search addition to our website. Some list members have expressed = concerns regarding personal information...

770  I'm looking for a list of milongas in Prague... (1)
... having found little through Google. Thanks. -- Chris

771  Gardel and Caruso (1)
Hi List, Thank you again to all the people who answered my inquiry about Carlos Gardel's dancing. I thanked everyone privately, except one person, whose message was bounced back. Does this happen often...

772  Forming a tango club? (1)
Hello friends, Our tango community wants to form a club. Please help me with proper procedure, structure, or governing bylaws I need to know. I can do the research, but I am asking for your advice,...

773  Tango en Cataluņa Barcelona (3)
Hello all / Ciao Tutti / Hola amigos (espaqol abajo) Barcelona Spain is already on the internet at> this is our tango events site &...

774  a friend of tango (3)
During my second visit to Buenos Aires in March 1997, I went to Club Almagro one night where a stout gentleman invited me to dance a tanda of Pugliese. Afterwards, he escorted me to my table and asked...

775  advice on learning tango (1)
The following was excerpted from "Teaching Argentine Tango in New York, 1914" by Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle. Chapter V of their book Modern Dancing can be found in The Dance at

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