99  A Tango Gancho Technique.


Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001 12:35:54 +1200
From: Melroy Roddie <MelroyR@ADHB.GOVT.NZ>
Subject: Question Re: A Tango Gancho Technique.

Hi, I have been watching the Videos from the CITA 2001, Fabulous Dancing !!!
One Dancer Norberto 'El Pulpo' Esbres, seems to use an unusual Gancho
Technique (or Techniques.)
I see it used by other dancers ( Fabian,Gustavo etc. and some other more
traditional Show type Dancers), but usually just once.
This guy seems to base his whole style around it ( and other things of
course) and often quite slow (so I can see it, thanks).

I'll try to describe one of these movements :

The man will lead a Gancho with a High Sacada then 'Carry' the Leg
Ganchoing, with the Leg Ganchoed
( he will Open around his partner ) into a Gancho of his other leg !. The
lady is turned to accomodate this.
Can anyone let me know what this type of technique is called and give me
some info on this 'El Pulo' ..
That's if you can figure out what I'm trying to describe, I usually shy away
from trying to talk technique.
Thanks ...... Mel.

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