6198  Tango the icebreaker??? NOT


Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2008 11:50:27 -0800 (PST)
From: Mario <sopelote@yahoo.com>
Subject: [Tango-L] Tango the icebreaker??? NOT
To: tango-l@mit.edu

I enjoyed LA Larry's post except for the following paragraph:
""One important one is that beginning to dance tango is very easy
and quick.? Just embrace your partner and walk around the room to
the music.? That is it.? No books or videos or teachers needed.?
This makes the tango the perfect 15- to 30-minute ice-breaker at
dance parties, needing a teacher only long enough to guide party-
goers through the ice-breaker.""
This concept shocked me...I would stress the exact opposite
That just getting around the room in a relaxed, comfortable manner
...will take forever to learn! I'm exaggerating but it isn't that far from the truth.
Let's just say that it will take you several months if you stick at it and concentrate.
I go to Milongas and time and again I berate myself for having asked someone to
dance whom I didn't know and didn't closely? observe how she dances, beforehand.
.Dancing around the room with someone who sways side to side and has no
center of balance is pure TORTURE to me..what am I going to do? Hold her up?
Restrict her sideways movements? ....It's my fault for asking a stranger to dance.
?So, how is it the ideal 'icebreaker'?? It sure as hell is NOT the ideal ice breaker!
Of course if you just walk around the room in open embrace and talk to each other
all the while, while ignoring the music...then, it could be a decent icebreaker ..I guess..duh
Maybe my problem is that I like the closed embrace, perhaps we are talking oranges?

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