24  Tango is in the air


Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 14:35:55 -0300
From: SMC Administracion <adm@SMCAR.COM.AR>
Subject: Tango is in the air

Enrico wrote something about Aerolineas Argentinas , Iberia and the problem
of air tickets, for those having to travel by airplane to Buenos Aires.

Well, Enrico has a point there. It will be a nightmare, in fact many people
have suffered the problem of Aerolineas Argentinas long strike.
International airport of Ezeiza and domestic airport Jorge Newbery have been
occupied this last weeks, making the people arriving and departing, to
suffer a lot . Really a lot at Ezeiza, having to carry their luggages by
foot, 60 blocks, from the point of blocking of the access to the airport

For the time being , is uncertain how to improve this situation. Because the
union leaders are using the blockade as a pressure to the argentine and
spanish government.

And although there are many other international airlines arriving to Buenos
Aires ( Varig,Lan Chile , Lufthansa,Alitalia, Air France, Swissair, British
Airways, Canadian, Quantas, American Airlines, United ) all of them ,
unfortunately, have to land at Ezeiza, where the mess is at full motion .

I am sorry for that , please forgive our lack of civilization , sometimes I
feel I have to put a feather in my hat , we are really indians . No, not
indians , because indians are civilized people also.

Just unpolite.

Alberto Gesualdi
Buenos Aires

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