6146  A walk to die for!


Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 13:51:17 -0800 (PST)
From: Mario <sopelote@yahoo.com>
Subject: [Tango-L] A walk to die for!
To: tango-l@mit.edu

Catch Cacho Dante walking Tango in this video. If I could do nothing but walk like this
I would be quite happy and so would my partner. This guy really listens and feels it!
I'm sure glad that I made and saved many playlists on YouTube while I was watching
Tango for four hours a day thru my first year at this (User: Nacotete). I'm now in my 13th month andI have all these great examples to watch and learn from. It's like I'm seeing them forthe first time..truly seeing them..what changed? After a full year and a month, I began
to clearly distinguish between my right and left foot and between the right and left foot
of my partner....to what do I owe this? I think some Nuevo classes that I took in Phila.
They taught complicated stuff that I'll never use on a dance floor but there were two things
that got results. First; repeated sequences, over and over, changing partners, doing it again
and again to Tango music...exhausting but it got one beyond 'thinking' about it.?
Second: We started each sequence with 'easy' stuff...and so, the ochos and cross footed
walking and zig zags that I couldn't quite ever get before, became only the intro to the
difficult stuff and so they too became non-mental and just assimulated....now, all of a
sudden, I'm seeing what is really going on between partners and I can learn by just watching for a change.
?Anyway, I'm just catching everyone up on my state of the art...and looking forward to hearing about your's, too!

Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2008 07:56:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Mario <sopelote@yahoo.com>
Subject: [Tango-L] A walk to die for!
To: tango-l@mit.edu

More on indirect learning...I call it that because I only want to dance close embrace
social dance tango and yet I've improved through taking classes in Nuevo. I know that
the classes were key because I had a small injury and so wasn't going to Milongas nor
practicas at that time..of course, where I was (in my 11th month dancing) may have been
important, too.
Anyway, the partners that I got to dance with at a later Milonga, all said that my lead was
better...on questioning: more confident, sure, clear.? Ok..my nuevo instructors got rid of a
number of little herky-jerky habits that I had formed...like tilting right and left before starting
the walk...like pausing where I shouldn't pause in the ochos..like not pausing where I should pause in the walk to the cross in cross pattern, being sloppy in my direction/orientation..using my right arm..etc.? The classes were like a tumble of events
each piling onto the other as each sequence was practised with different partners..after
several goes with one partner, the teachers would demonstrate a correction?to what?they
were seeing..yes, we got to see them dance a lot!!? ..and that was inspiring.
?So, the embosques, ganchos, three sacadas in a row while turning, forward ochos, etc.,
I may never do in my close embrace dancing but after going thru all that for four months,
a slow social dance was thoroughly enjoyable and within my abilities. Thanks Andres + Meredith.
..and now I can look at a walk by Cacho and know that anything is possible..I'm even
mixing different styles of walk (outside left parallel, etc.) and confident that if I get stuck
I'll find a way to step out and get smoothly flowing again...Tango is great!

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