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1476  Encounter with Alberto Luis Ayala and Teresa Leonor Funes (1)
Tangueros and tangueras from Brisbane and Canberra, Australia, Ireland and the United States arrived this week in Buenos Aires. They joined us today for the first Encounter with a Milonguero in El Abrojito...

1477  Confiteria Ideal - Hold your tears (1)
Dear friends from Tango List I am back to the list, using a personal mailbox this time. I have been reading the postings to the list through the services of the mail file . There was a posting from Robin...

1478  Tango Styles (Chinese Tango?) (4)
This is from the newsgroup. I've heard of Finnish tango, but this is the first time I've ever heard of Chinese tango. Anyone in California, or China for that matter, or anywhere that...

1479  The dance called Tango (1)

1480  Danza maligna (2)
One of the novelties presented at the V Festival de Tango Buenos Aires was "Danza maligna" , a stage performance , directed by Fabian Luca and choreography by Silvana Grill . Now it has also been...

1481  flip-flop-L (2)
Somebody comments: "For me, 0% Golden Age music works the best, right now. Listening to more of it or have people try to explain what its about, will probably send it into negative numbers. I'd settle...

1482  you do not have the slightest idea of what Argentine tango is (2)
I know less now than before I joined this Tango-L Nobody agrees about anything! Tangled is more like it!

1483  Chinese tango and Railroads (3)
That's what brought the influx of male immigrants to Buenos Aries at the end of the 1800s/early 1900s. I don't know enough about the history of the railroad in Argentina to know if there large numbers...

1484  Rules for Tango-Tango Anarchy (1)
Hi Listeros: Many years ago I became embroiled in discussions with the Tango listeros who claimed that there would be no rules when it came to Argentine Tango. It was a free and evolving art form,...

1485  what is it that is "trascended?" (1)
Jonathan and list, I stand corrected. I have used "transcended" in error. I should have used either of the words; "transcendentalist" or "transported". Judy

1486  Tango Punk (1)
Astrid and list, Would Tango Punk be the same as Goth Shock Tango? Judy

1487  what is it that is "transcended?" (2)
Judy, I was asking the question quite seriously and not as a correction. A number of people have mentioned "transcendent" tangos and I think that may be a good way to refer to a certain kind...

1488  Argentinean Tango Shoes At Teddy Shoes in Cambridge, MA. (3)
SAMPLES HAVE ARRIVED! Teddy Shoes is proud to announce the launching of its own brand "AnaLindasol", authentic hand-made Argentinean tango shoes for men and women. These shoes were designed for stability... Jeeez! And regards to all, Michael from Houston

1489  Great Dancers (7)
Judy, Yes we would! Jason and Gulden, in addition to excellent dancers are wonderful people. Having known them for six months, I can say they are excellent instructors, dancers and generous kind people.

1490 and (1)
All, and The hazards of mailing lists, the spammers find you and the people with Microsoft Outlook / Express will be happy to share incoming viruses with you. Luckily Norton...

1491  Codes (63)
Bibi Wong wrote: There is a very funny book by Sonia Abadi, "El bazar de los abrazos". Unfortunately, as far as I know, only in spanish and german for the moment:
developed I know other the if are some the reason Maria, You're story made me laugh, as I've had many conversations with...

1492  From Tangled to Hot German Potato Salad Nuevo (1)
The procedure you describe (visiting Mom, standing next to her, observing her and _measuring_ the ingredients, developing a recipe and adding notes on technique, etc) almost exactly parallels what...

1493  The knife and other subjects (1)
I will answer Tanturi's questions. -"First, why do you carry your knife on your left side? Are you left-handed, or do you prefer a cross-body draw? Is it OK to carry your knife openly? " The knife was...

1494  Describing and distinguishing salon, milonga, vals, canyengue (1)
Hi everyone I'm interested on people's ideas about ways to describe the differences between salon, milonga, vals, canyengue. I know there is probably heaps of opinion about the precise and exact meanings...

1495  Notes from Buenos Aires 3 (2)
Rick McGarrey wrote: "... The men and women never sit together, so offers and acceptances to meet later are often hurriedly made during the chatting you see going on between the music, during the first...

1496  Chinese Origin of Tango (5)
Estimados Listeros, Re the discussion of Chinese tango, see: for a humorous history of tango from its origins in China to the present...

1497  A few good men missing for Tangogreece Festival (1)
Dear Tangueros , There are only 5 places left in Tangogreece festival for 5 english speaking tangueros . Apply the soonest possible .There is a 50% discount on the participation fee. Aris The Tango experience

1498  Is the partner transcended? (10)
I've got a question about the transcendant experience that some of you all have had dancing: did both partners feel it? I have read and heard accounts of people who had "flow experiences" in tango where...

1499  Tango Link updates.... (2)
To all you folk with web sites that have a links page/section.... Please add or update links for The Tango Catalogue, Bridge to the Tango, and Daniel Trenner as follows: Formerly

1500  A missing Milonga Code (2)
There is a missing code that is very important: "You never kiss somebody in a milonga. But you can have sex in the bathroom." ;-) Junior

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